Maintenance Agreement – If you have a problem with the inside wire and ask us to locate it, you will be assessed a charge of $25.00 for diagnostic services only with no repair performed, unless you have the maintenance agreement.


Voice Mail – Provides a convenient and friendly way for callers to leave messages when your line is busy or you are away from your telephone.


Caller ID – Allows you to view the name and telephone number of the party calling you when that information is available from the calling party’s telephone company. (NOTE: This feature requires equipment capable of displaying the Caller ID information)


Caller ID Blocking – Allows you to prevent your name and telephone number from being delivered to the party you call. Available on a per-line basis. Also available on a per-call basis when you dial *67 to block the call.


Caller ID / Call Waiting – Allows you to see the party calling while you are already in conversation with another party. You must have calling waiting, caller ID and specific equipment for this calling feature to work.


Automatic Callback – When you place a call and get a busy signal, our switch will monitor the busy number for up to 30 minutes. A special ring alerts you when the called number is available.


Automatic Recall (Call Return) – Allows you to call back the party who most recently called your number.


Distinctive Ring – Allows you to select up to 6 numbers and have your telephone give a distinctive ring when a call comes in from one of those numbers. If you have call waiting, a distinctive tone will sound if a call from one of these numbers comes in while you are already talking on the phone.


Call Transfer – Allows you to transfer a call on your line to someone else’s telephone line.


Warm Line / Alert Line – You can predetermine a telephone number to be automatically dialed if no dialing has begun within 16 seconds of the telephone receiver going off hook. Ideal for senior citizens or in case of illness.


Second Number Service – Second number service allows you to have one extra number with a unique ringing pattern (and unique call waiting tone if you have the call waiting feature). This is very handy for households with faxes or modems, or with teenagers who want to take their own calls.


Call Waiting – If you have an incoming call while you’re already on the line, the call waiting feature will alert you. You may then put the first party on hold while you answer your second call.


Call Forwarding – Call forwarding allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number.


Call Forwarding Busy – Allows you to redirect calls only when your line is busy.


Selective Call Forwarding – Allows you to have calls forwarded from only 6 telephone numbers, or less, selected by you.


Remote Activation For Call Forwarding – Allows you to activate your call forwarding feature from a telephone other than your own.


Three-Way Calling – This feature lets you add an additional party to the conversation without having to release the first party. If either party hangs up after conference, you are still connected to the remaining party.


Speed Dial – 8 or 30 numbers – You can select up to 8 or 30 telephone numbers that you call frequently and assign a one or two digit code number to each.


Selective Call Rejection – You can program your telephone line to block calls from 6 other numbers or less that you select.


Selective Call Acceptance – You can program your telephone line to receive calls made only from 6 other numbers or less that you select.


Do Not Disturb – If you don’t want to be disturbed by any calls, you can prevent any incoming calls from ringing your line by diverting them to an announcement.


Toll Restriction – Enables you to prevent any toll calls from being made from your telephone. Also available with pin access, which allows you to override the toll restriction feature by using a personal identification number (PIN). Another option is to apply toll restriction only for calls to specific area codes, specific exchanges with area codes, and/or specific telephone numbers.


900 Service Blocking – This service will block your line from placing calls to a 900 (chargeable) number


Call Trace – Once installed on your line, you can activate a trace of calls made to your number. The traced number will be provided only to law enforcement authorities. If you wish to have this service, you must sign a form in the business office.

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