Nex-Tech is completely transparent and upfront about the fees we are required to charge for phone, Internet and Business services. If you ever have questions about your billing charges, don’t hesitate to call our local office.

Access Recovery Charge (ARC) - Multi-Line $3.00   Single-Line $2.50

The ARC is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission and is designed to offset revenue losses experienced by the Company resulting from recent FCC actions. The ARC is subject to change annually and we will notify you in advance of any future changes to the ARC.

Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF)

This is a charge applied as a percentage of your intrastate long distance toll charges mandated by the Kansas Corporation Commission to ensure all customers in rural high-cost areas of the state have access to affordable service. This charge supports the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF), which supports the Lifeline program, Kansas Relay Services, Telecommunications Access Program as well as network enhancements and upgrades in rural areas.

Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) 

Similar to the Universal Service Charge for local service, except this fee is applied as a percentage of your interstate and international long distance toll charges.
FUSF amount changes quarterly.

911 Charge - $0.90

A state/local government charge to fund emergency 911 services, such as fire and rescue.

Interstate Access - Multi-Line $9.20   Single-Line $6.50