Yes, we are in an unprecedented time, but we believe in taking care of our community. In an effort to support our students, we created the MCN Care Package that allows for families qualifying for FREE and REDUCED meals to qualify for our MCN Care Package Internet for $29.99/month. (15/1 Mbps for copper and 25/25 Mbps for fiber)​​


ONE STEP further…We were awarded a SPARK grant which allows us to give any family who qualifies for F&R meals to receive 2 months of FREE Internet service.


Existing Customers: Notify us via phone or email at that you qualify. We will verify with your child’s school. You will receive a credit on your November and December Internet bill. In January, you will be back on your existing plan unless you would like to sign up for the MCN Care Package.


New Customers: Click the application link below and sign up. (ONLY PAGE 1) After verification with your child’s school, we will schedule installation at no charge, and include a SMART router for Wi-Fi use. You will receive November and December service FREE. Then you will automatically be enrolled in our MCN Care Package plan in January and your bill will be $29.99/month. If you qualify for Lifeline, MCN Care Package price is $20.00/month. Must fill out application and qualify. 

  1. Download the document. 

  2. Complete all pages in the form by typing your responses in.

  3. Save the document.

  4. Then attach your completed document in an email and send it to