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** Changes to Online Bill Pay Account Number **

The account number reflected on your current bill was updated after the 12/1 billing was processed due to a database update.  To make a payment, you will need to use your newly assigned account number.  If the account number reflected on your 12/1 bill is 3 digits, you will add 430 to the beginning, if it is 4 digits, add 43 to the beginning.  If you run into any issues, please call Nex-Tech at 620-345-2831.



0000000123 would now be 00000430123

0000001234 would now be 00000431234

Instructions for new users:

After clicking “Register Now”, you will see this screen.  The Service Account is your 10-digit account number with Moundridge Communications Network.  In the Secret field, enter “262” plus the last four digits of your phone number. If you are a DSL-only customer, enter the last four digits of your account number.

You will then be redirected to the login screen, where you can enter with a new username and password.  Once you log in, you may make a payment.


Once you have your account set up, there are many billing payment options:

  • View your bill (Phone, Internet Services)

  • Go paperless

  • Manage multiple accounts

  • Set up reoccurring payments


If you have any questions, please call the office at 620.345.2831.

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