"I've been a customer for phone and Internet for nearly 20 years and we had very slow Internet for the majority of time until Troy and Sommer purchased the company. Very quickly after their new ownership we saw a dramatic increase in response time and offers of solutions. They understood that I run a business from my home and with three kids, we're online literally 24/7! The field staff tried everything over several months and were in frequent contact with me to see if anything was improving. Then Troy personally got involved and worked with the staff to get me a temporary solution. They had a team of employees out for an entire day getting us set up. Not only were they professional and helpful, but they respected my home as well, wiping their feet each time they came in and carefully avoiding my dogs when they drove on the property. We now have lightning fast internet! I cannot say enough good things about the entire company; the office staff are always so friendly and courteous as well. It's amazing that Troy and Sommer personally speak with customers and really listen to your needs. That's what a good local company does! I cannot recommend Moundridge Communications Network enough and am ever so grateful that we're lucky enough to be one of their customers!"

~ Lisa Hammond, Moundridge Communications Network Customer

"We have been very pleased with our Moundridge Communications Internet service since upgrading to fiber service.  It has been virtually trouble free and without interruption. We have been very happy with the speed and with it staying consistent from day to day and throughout the day. The staff has been very friendly and quick to respond to any questions or minor issues we have had. Thank you so much for being a local company we can rely on.  It is so nice having a provider in Moundridge."


~ Leon Guhr, Moundridge Communications Network Customer